Why Quadrangle Consulting?

Our strength is knowing and understanding the law and the legal impact as well as the economic impact associated with products and services offered by (i) counterparties, including Prime Brokerage, Derivatives and Funding and (ii) vendors, including admin, IT and trading systems.  Quadrangle has developed a systematic approach to streamline the onboarding of counterparties and vendors.

We have extensive experience working with new and existing investment firms at all stages in the growth cycle including: New Offerings (Private Investment Vehicles, Managed Accounts, 40 Act Funds, UCITs Funds); Increase in AUM; Expanded Strategy Offerings; Upgrade in Infrastructure (e.g., Treasury Function).

Our team consists of legal and financial professionals, and an IT Group with deep knowledge and experience who understand not only the legal aspects of this area of finance, but the commercial as well.

Why QDS?

The QDS Platform is a management tool for loading, tracking, monitoring, storing and benchmarking client counterparty and vendor terms and agreements as well as organizational documentation.  The QDS Platform increases productivity by replacing a manual with an automated process.  Clients have on-demand access to their data to make informed decisions in minutes.

The QDS Platform (i) operates as a risk management tool, (ii) optimizes economics in counterparty and vendor dealings, (iii) organizes information to satisfy regulatory requests and demands, and (iv) monitors workflow.

The flexibility of the technology system architecture readily enables integration with other reporting engines.  The QDS Platform meets industry standard cyber security requirements and has a dedicated support function.