ISDA Contract services

Since 2013, Quadrangle has provided ISDA contract services to some of the most sophisticated firms in the investment management industry. These services include digitization, review, analysis, negotiation, and storage of your ISDA agreements, enabling firms to increase efficiency, expand capabilities, and improve informed decision-making.

The Quadrangle Advantage

  • Preferred economic, legal, and credit terms.
  • Quantifiable savings of time and money.
  • Mitigated legal and economic risk.
  • Secured access to your contract terms.



Quadrangle has developed an extensive network of relationships with swap dealers across the industry, with a thorough understanding of the capabilities of its participants. We can match you with dealers that best fit the strategy of your firm and products in your book, providing introductions as necessary.



Our legal team negotiates with your swap dealers to achieve upgraded terms, focusing on saving money and mitigating risk. With our unique combination of data, technology, and expertise, our negotiation process is efficient and cost-effective, and you can be confident in the strength of your contract terms.



Quadrangle extracts and analyzes contracts, generating reports for each ISDA agreement that allow you to track terms over time. QDS provides access to digitized, term-by-term reports, highlighting terms that can be improved, with direct links into the associated agreement(s). Easily access terms and compare across dealers.

A Look Inside: ISDA Agreement Negotiation

prime brokerage negotiation
  • Quadrangle will extract and analyze each term in new and existing ISDA agreements against our extensive database, flagging terms that can be improved.
  • Quadrangle’s term-by-term reports provides immediate and searchable access to you terms.
  • Section references point to the contract terms in the agreement itself, and the status indicates whether a term can be improved.
  • Our legal team negotiates your ISDA agreements with your swap dealer to achieve preferred terms, saving money and reducing risk.

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