Institutional intelligence for negotiating and managing bank and service provider contracts and relationships

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Our experienced team of lawyers and financial professionals facilitate your firm’s contract management, providing advice on banks, vendors, and regulations.

After benchmarking your terms against our database, we review and negotiate your trade and financing (e.g., Prime Brokerage, ISDA, Futures, Repo) and vendor (e.g., fund admin, compliance, OMS, IT) agreements to reduce costs and mitigate risk.

Quadrangle Consulting QDS

The QDS Platform

Our contract management software for tracking, monitoring, storing, and benchmarking your contracts and company documentation.

With single-click tools and embedded links, the Platform is an information hub to access terms, contract renewals, cost distributions, task management, and educational resources, all in one place.

contract management assets

$3T combined assets

contract negotiation data points

6,000,000 data points

Quadrangle Consulting contract review

60,000 contracts reviewed

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3,000 industry relationships

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100% of clients materially benefitted



Compliance and Investor Relations: The Importance of Managing Your Side Letters

Read our summary of the critical areas of side letters and how QDS can assist you with managing your letters.

Vendor: Is it Time to Ask for an Upgrade to My Contract Terms?

Here’s a guide to understanding when and why you may be entitled to upgraded terms in your vendor agreements.

Is it Time to Consider Repo with FICC's Sponsored Service?

An overview and summary of this repo arrangement and how Quadrangle can assist.

Trade & Financing: Is it Time to Ask for an Upgrade to My Contract Terms?

Here’s a guide to understanding when and why you may be entitled to upgraded terms.

Navigating Counterparty Onboarding - Accelerating the Process

Unlocking efficiency in counterparty onboarding is crucial for success in investment management.


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WHy Us?

Our team uniquely combines subject matter expertise gained from years of experience, a robust technology platform, and an extensive database to achieve material benefit for our clients. Quadrangle has developed a systematic approach to streamline the onboarding of counterparties and vendors. The QDS Platform increases productivity by replacing a manual with an automated process.


“Quadrangle is a best-in-class service provider and continues to be a valuable partner to our business. The team is very thoughtful in terms of the launch process, counterparty documentation and negotiation, and was instrumental in providing critical feedback regarding our infrastructure and vendor selection. Their technology is innovative with constant development and makes a more archaic process of storing and reviewing documentation more cutting edge and automated. I would highly recommend any new fund launch leverage Quadrangle’s expertise and offering.”


Long/Short Equity Fund

“I have worked with Quadrangle for close to a decade and they are my go-to firm when negotiating with prime brokers. The process is efficient and the post completion write-ups are a valuable tool when talking to our investors.”


Global Macro Fund

“Quadrangle was invaluable throughout our launch process. From providing advice and industry acumen in the counterparty and vendor selection process, all the way through negotiation and onboarding, the Quadrangle team added value every step of the way. I can’t imagine launching a fund without them on my team.”


Long/Short Equity Fund


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