Opening Remarks from Michael Katz, Founder of Quadrangle

Dear Readers,  

Welcome to the Quadrangle Blog! We are excited to provide you with key insights from our team of legal and financial experts in the investment management industry. We plan to bring you valuable information, including access to our market intelligence and regulatory updates. 

I started Quadrangle for a specific purpose. I saw a gap in the investment management industry.   Companies executed contracts with financial institutions and other vendors but did not have the transparency or advice to predict the impact of those contract terms on their businesses. Companies often struggled with knowing and understanding what they had committed to in their contracts, exposing them to unforeseen risks and the inability to maximize the value of those contracts. On demand access to those contracts and their contract terms was virtually nonexistent.

The solution is Quadrangle’s software and experienced team of lawyers and financial professionals. The QDS platform, our contract management software, is an information hub for our clients to access, track, monitor, and store all their contracts, with contract term-by-term detail and analytics.  Our team has the knowledge and experience to advise and negotiate preferred terms for your contracts.

Our initial blog topics will include (1) Vendor Management: Selection, Key Contract Terms & Trends, (2) Counterparty Management: Selection, Key Contract Terms & Trends, (3) Contract Management Software: Uses and tools, (4) Case Studies, and (5) News, including regulatory and market updates.


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